dining room table

Part of creating a comfortable and nurturing environment for those living with memory loss is ensuring they are eating well. According to a report from Alzheimer’s Disease International, up to 45 percent of those living with dementia experience clinically significant weight loss over a year’s time.

The Memory Care Wellness Dining Program at Alden Courts of Des Plaines (Des Plaines), Alden Courts of Shorewood (Shorewood), and Alden Courts of Waterford (Aurora) provides a quality dining experience that provides nourishment and assists residents in eating independently for as long as possible. Some of the benefits of this unique program include:

  • Sensory stimulation, including the use of serene music and aromatherapy, to cue meal times and increase appetite
  • Use of bold, colorful plates to entice consumption, as researched by Boston University
  • Use of adaptable dining equipment to make eating easier
  • Bite-size finger foods to increase independent eating
  • Monitoring of food intake and consumption to maximize nourishment at each meal
  • A Walk-to-Dine program to maintain dignity and ensure quality of life
  • Specialized activity programming to reinforce feeding skills


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