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Manage Health Conditions to Reduce the Risk of Falls

Telemedicine consultationSeptember 22, 2020 is Falls Prevention Awareness Day. Each year—on the first day of fall, appropriately enough—experts call attention to the serious problem of fall injuries among older adults. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in four people older than 65 will suffer a fall each year, and many of […]
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What We Have Done About the Coronavirus

man standing at airport baggage claim with mask onIf you have any questions or concerns please call us at 800 291 5900 Ensuring residents are cared for in a safe and healthy environment is our greatest concern. Our facilities have been and are following recommendations of the CDC, state and local health departments with regards to COVID-19. We will continue to stay up […]
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Watch Out for an Epidemic of Con Artists

COVID scam poster“Get a vaccine for coronavirus!” “Donate to the pandemic relief fund.” “Click here for some important information from the CDC.” Security experts tell us that any time there’s a nationwide emergency, con artists are quick to exploit it. The COVID-19 pandemic is no different. Older adults may be at higher risk of falling for these […]
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Are You Drinking More Alcohol These Days?

Woman with mask shopping in liquor storeA June 2020 post in the Alden Blog shared information to help us maintain a healthy weight and to eat well as we practice social distancing. Now, we focus on another challenge many people are facing these days: increased alcohol consumption. According to Kaiser Health News, liquor sales soared by 55% nationally in May as […]
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