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Who Can Speed Up Stroke Treatment? Everyone!

three paramedicsWhen it comes to stroke, the sooner treatment begins, the better. To shorten the time between a stroke and the beginning of treatment, researchers are examining a lot of angles. Their focus includes: Hospitals A July 2019 study from UCLA found that speeding up stroke treatment in hospitals by only 15 minutes could save many […]
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We Can Grow New Brain Cells Even Through Our 90s

female scientist working on a model of the brainFor some time, experts have debated whether human adults continue to grow new brain cells (neurons), or whether we pretty much have all the neurons we’re going to have by the end of our teenage years or so. The complete answer is far beyond the scope of this article, but we’d like to share some […]
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Keep Seniors Hydrated This Summer

older man drinking from a water bottle outdoorsDid you read about the recent studies showing that exercise provides an immediate boost to the memory of seniors? Turns out there’s a catch, reports the American Physiological Society (APA); the benefits may not apply if a person is suffering from dehydration. That’s far from the only reason older adults should be sure to have […]
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Be Safe During Lightning Storms

lightning above the Chicago skylineAs the first day of summer approaches, we’ve already had some major thunderstorms. Experts at the University of Nebraska Medical Center recently shared some information to protect older adults and people of every age from being injured by the beautiful but deadly feature of these storms: lightning. “An underrated killer, hotter than the surface of […]
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