Alden Courts of Des Plaines provides residents with balanced diets with a variety of food choices. We also offer finger foods to allow residents to be more independent during meal times.

Enjoyable Mealtimes

Three nutrition meals are offered along with snacks each day. Our Hydration Program encourages fluid intake by offering small cups of water or other liquids throughout the day or foods with high water content such as fruit and soups.

We know residents can become easily distracted and overwhelmed during meals. That is why we do our best at Alden Courts of Des Plaines to make mealtimes easier, including:

  • Meals are served in quiet surroundings
  • Tables are set sparingly with only the place settings and utensils needed for the meal
  • Food temperatures are always checked before meals are served
  • Residents are encouraged to take their time eating as well as to chew and swallow carefully