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Don’t Let Facebook Bring You Down

Facebook has been a pretty amazing tool for socialization! Who could have foreseen a decade ago that we would be checking in with friends and family from around the country on a daily basis, making new friends through this medium, and even getting a lot of our news through the recommendation of others? Many of […]
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A Well-Cooked Turkey is Something to Be Thankful For!

Thanksgiving can be such an exciting time! Friends and family come together to enjoy one another’s company, feast on delicious traditional foods and maybe some new ones, and contemplate the things for which they are grateful. But sometimes the good company and festivities can distract us from a particularly important part of creating a Thanksgiving […]
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World Stroke Day 2015 Focuses on Women

Each year during the last week of October, the World Stroke Organization sponsors World Stroke Day. This year’s World Stroke Day is on Thursday, October 29, and this year’s theme is “I Am Woman.” According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), women are at higher risk of having a stroke, and suffering […]
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Is Fast Food a Dietary Disaster?

Did you stop at your favorite drive-through for a breakfast sandwich on the way to work today? Maybe you’re planning to dash out for a burger and fries or pizza slice during your lunch hour? Millions of Americans grab a quick bite at fast food eateries every day. But as you probably know, “fast food” […]
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